Louis Vuitton has unveiled a very classy made to order Foosball table that costs more than a Porsche SUV

Louis Vuitton Foosball Table

Would it be more fun to play a game of foosball on a Louis Vuitton branded table than a regular table? I guess it must be more fun, what with the owner paying $75,000 for some extra thrill of monogrammed fun. The table does nothing more than what a regular table does, it provides entertainment, helps you kill time, and entertain your friends. On second thoughts this can help amp your social status and also provide some photo-ops for Instagram as not everyone can pose with an LV foosball table right? About the table, Louis Vuitton’s foosball table is offered in two monogram canvas versions as well as lively Epi leathers. Whatever the materials used they extend around the body of the table, while layers of hand-applied edge-dye decorate each corner. Inside, the hand-painted players draw inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s “Groom,” the character from the house’s 1921 advertising image. Interested parties should know that the foosball tables start at $75,500 for the monogram iterations and run up to $93,000 for the leather versions.

This isn’t the first time LV is dabbling into some indoor fun; they have come up with one cutesy little Louis Vuitton Vivienne playing cards and pouch earlier for much less. The Louis Vuitton Foosball Table will set you back by $75,000.

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