Why buy a Birkin when you can get a $42,000 bag made entirely from a meteorite that fell on earth 55,000 years ago

Some bags are out of the world, and then there are some bags like Coperni’s new Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag that are literally so. After making a huge splash with their spray-on dress on the perfect supermodel Bella Hadid the Coperni name is back with a bang, in a more interstellar, Big Bang sort of way. The new Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag is the first of its kind to be entirely crafted with a meteorite from space. I am pointing out the obvious, but the Coperni creation is a limited edition accessory coming directly from outer space, handcrafted and available in shades of gray depending on the stones of the meteorite.

The two creative directors, Sébastien Meyer, and Arnaud Vaillant shared that the IT bag is made out of “a lunar fossil that fell to earth 55,000 years ago, found in France in 1968 and carved in 2023.” The French luxury brand explained, “Each piece is made exclusively by hand, so the shape may differ slightly from the picture. The meteorite is purchased individually for each order and may come from various places, depending on where the meteorite landed on earth. The stone rare is handcrafted and incorporated into the bag by the Italian manufacturer Semar.”

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The bag, measuring 9x12x23 centimeters, is around 2 kg and will prove to be a bicep-building collector’s item, selling for an eye-watering $42,000. The meteorite bag will be featured in the Fall/Winter 2023-24 fashion show.

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