Paris’s Musee Rodin Garden transformed into an out of this world white sanctuary for Dior’s couture showcase

Dior Haute Couture collection marked red carpet extravagance. But the corresponding runway show also marked one other thing, the stunning transformation of the Musee Rodin Garden! Already the perfect setting for a couture showcase, the garden took on an ever-so-sensual Gaudi-esque countenance. Thank Paris-based, bureau betak for it that also lent the exterior of the pristine white setting a dynamically contrasting neon orange appearance.

The structure played a true tribute to the collection, which was inspired by the many faces of the flower-woman. While the mammoth orange façade reflected the manicured landscape, the pristine white interior paid homage to the unique savoir-faire of the garments. Imagine the surprise of the invitees who must’ve walked through the gold-tinted gates and into the cocoon. Its subtly sculpted curves were hand made by artisans, who dug each artistic contour in the walls and the slender columns.
Layers upon layers of sleek silhouettes akin to stacked seating systems, only (way) more elegant flowed along the cave-scape like a metaphorical river and narrow beams, pierced by skylights rose to the ceiling. Between you and me, I’d have found it a bit claustrophobic, were it not for all the romance. A new kind of love affair between fashion and architecture, it really made the show the best kind of immersive experience.

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