Passport to Russia: Vetements’ passport purse might be the next cult bag

Vetements have been steadily gaining a reputation among the fashion set for their decidedly irreverent and sometimes outright humorous designs. Is the label high-fashion? Is it non-fashion? Or is it simply holding up a mirror to the fashion industry’s preoccupation with “effortless style”? We may never know. What we do know is that this brand shows no signs of slowing down and every collection brings something fresh and ironic to the table.

A new purse from the brand is designed to look as if it is made up of Russian passport covers. The red and gold bag is ideally sized for both daytime and evenings, and certainly bright enough to catch the eye. Passports have frequently been a theme for Vetements with various covers appearing on everything from slides and sneakers to boots and purses.

The purse is priced at $2,105 and available at where you can also pick up a pair of matching slides. Whether you can make sense of Vetements or whether the brand is too esoteric for you, there’s no denying that they are here to stay.


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