Private Haute Couture an uber expensive fashion brand is all set to launch in Dubai

Here is your chance to wear that extravagant creation by the oh-so-suave and the absolutely iconic, well, you. Yes, you can now design yourself a shoe, a jacket, a bag, anything and have your name on the label too. Private Haute Couture combines powers of skilled experts and your own design ideas to help create near-perfection pieces, which give you that wish-fulfilling wearable. It goes without saying that the piece will be one-of-a-kind, YOUR kind since you made it. What must be mentioned, though, is that it could cost a million dollars. Here are the not-million reasons why.

Haute couture may be as Haute as it gets, but what it’s not is absolutely exclusive. It is someone else’s design at the end of the day, whereas, in the case of Private Haute Couture’s creations, you pay no price for someone else’s name. You brandish yours with pride and, of course, subtlety, if you call bearing your name in gold and signature in diamonds subtle, that is. Not only precious metals and stones, but you also get to choose from an array of exotic skins such as crocodile, snake, ostrich, even and not in mere flourishes and trimmings. Fabrics have never been swankier than this. Fancy some mother of pearl or platinum, perhaps? Have it, will do. Or so they’d say at Private Haute Couture. Case in point, their one million dollar jacket.

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The decadent jacket juxtaposes beautifully against blah. Let me explain. Made from 25 crocodiles and 10 python full leather hides, with each button and zipper hand-carved in 18-carat solid yellow or white gold, it puts any Burberry or Chanel to shame. So much so, even the zipper pulls boast certified yellow princess cut diamonds. And the inside bears the owner’s name and signature in gold and diamonds, deeming even the illustrious best mundane. The jacket comes in packaging as exquisite, made from the same crocodile and python leather combination. But what if you are sold on the concept, the jacket is sold to you, but an exotica-enjoying thief gets his hands on it? Highly unlikely, claims Christophe Petyt of Private Haute Couture. And you would agree if you heard of their built-in anti-theft technology.

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As the name suggests, it is a theft-preventing device with an alarm system, worth about $2,700 (approx.) itself. The size of a credit card and the depth of three cards stacked together, it can be comfortably concealed in garment or luggage alike. Bar shoes, of course, unless you convince them of that snazzy heel. Just saying! The device is linked to the wearer’s mobile phone and will activate as soon as the garment is a certain distance from the phone. The owner will receive a warning message on their phone before the alarm in the garment is activated. Adds brand founder Christophe, “This is the first version. I’m already working on the next generation, which includes GPS – meaning you can locate the piece on the computer even if it gets out of sight.” So let’s stay tuned for the GPS and give finishing touches to that design in the meantime! And just pray against faux pas, shall we?

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