Shoppers hail! Net-a-Porter launches The Net Shop a social network just for you

Shopping is super fun, and especially with our girlfriends, to talk, chit-chat, and gossip. It may not be possible all the time, and sometimes very rare on special occasions. But The Net Set could be the answer to enjoy this kind of interaction more often, and on the go, AND enjoy shopping. Online luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter is set to launch a mobile-native social network for shoppers on May 13. They are dreaming big, and ambitions are super high but they are on top gear to build a platform that is THE social network for shopping.

It won’t be easy, considering how several similar start-ups never lived to see the day. But, come May 13 and Net-a-Porter will begin by inviting a group of its patrons and then extend the invitation to its 4.1 million followers through its social media accounts. The network will be launched as a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch users. It will have an Instagram-like interface and invite users to explore others’ feeds and then create their own.

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It is an ambitious plan, as we mentioned earlier. Very ambitious, but credit goes to the team to keep a committed spirit of success. It is definitely worth checking out.

[Via – Fashionista]

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