Kudos to Kim! Skims shapewear expands with the launch of an adaptive collection designed especially for people with limited mobility

Kim Kardashian deserves a pat on the back. Not for her Met Gala appearance in Marilyn Monroe’s stunning gown (though it was a mission in itself), but for making Skims an inclusive brand in the truest sense of the term. The Adaptive Collection includes underwear and a bra specially designed for those who have mobility impairments. As per Fashion United, each Skims piece, including a bralette and briefs, features closures located towards the front of the garment and body for convenience and easy mobility. Launched on May 2nd, the collection comprises four different styles: bralette, thong, brief, and boy short in four muted colors and a wide size range, a Skims specialty, from XXS to 4X.

What sets these undergarments apart, especially for people with impairments, is they all come with hook and eye closures, which provide ‘added accessibility’ and make changing into and out of these garments a lot more manageable. These hook and eye closures are lightweight “micro bonds” replacing traditional seams and lie flat against the body. To make the point clear, Kardashian has roped in Paralympic athlete Scout Bassett as the face of the new range. Dezeen shared, “To get into typical panties, usually I have to sit down and put my prosthetic through one side and then my other leg through the other side,” said Paralympic athlete Scout Bassett.

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She continued, “And with this, you can be standing, sitting, and being in any position. It’s really easy to be able to get in and out of it.” Bassett, unfortunately, lost her leg in a chemical fire as a baby and used a prosthetic. She was all praises for the adaptive elements of the Skims undergarments and called them very low profile. She said, ‘Unlike other adaptive lines that feature zippers, which are a little bit bulky, Velcro, which sticks to everything, or even magnets, which are heavy and also create bulk, I really like that the hook and eye closure is very low profile.’

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[Via: Dezeen]

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