The Internet bashed and ridiculed Moncler’s $22,200 evening gown and compared it to a ghastly $18 sleeping bag

I never imagined id say this one day but Moncler’s Poldo couture puffer jackets for dogs actually look way better than their latest offering for humans- a fancy frock costing nearly $22,150. Calling it ghastly would be an understatement, especially when you learn that British designer Craig Green was challenged with interpreting the trademark down-feather puffa jacket as part of a project and claims the dress was inspired by ‘dreaminess.’ The only thing dreamy about this “lacquered down-filled gown” is that it looks more like a sleeping bag than a gown and would lead you to a dream, eventually (or a nightmare). The official description of this ‘dreamy’ gown by Moncler reads, “The nylon outer has the signature lacquered finish and is filled with lightweight feather and down, then shaped with a fitted off-the-shoulder bodice and a full skirt with Lemlem designer Liya Kebede’s exclusive patterned border.” You don’t need a very advanced sense of fashion to decipher something is really wrong with this gown, and that’s exactly the kind of reviews it garnered. One person on Twitter joked: ‘In case you were wondering where you could get a Michelin man cosplay.’ Another said: ‘Looks comfy, I have to say! The price not so comfy,’ while a third commented: ‘Omg, I love this quilt/dress.’

Some also joked how this puffy gown could help one save thousands on liposuction while many compared it to the sleeping bags that can be bought from Tesco for just $18. Honestly, it does look very unappealing and could be used to style one of Disney’s antagonists. Or maybe Moncler can stuff this puffy creation into one of their Rimowa x Moncler suitcases and let the LED ticker read- never open!

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[Via: The Sun]

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