A stylish urban eBike by Moncler Genius

The world of first-movers and outdoor enthusiasts just got pumped with a whole lot of adrenaline in the form of Mate x Moncler eBike. The much-anticipated Mate x Moncler Genius 2020 limited edition eBike is a smart and mean beast, fitting for urban riding and mountain exploration. Whether you just wanna go for a ride around the block, enjoy the hilly surroundings, or go full-on adventurous on perilous rocky roads this eBike is very well equipped to handle snow and tricky terrains. Mate x Moncler Genius edition is the fastest and strongest mate to date with physical advantages, immaculate design, and some useful smart features. The smart technology enables users to wirelessly customize your Mate experience with full access to performance settings. It includes remote live-tracking and an anti-theft system with SDM (Self Destruct Mode). Its physical strength can be attributed to space-grade aluminum and a performance-tuned 250W or 1000W motor with a throttle that allows the eBike to hit speeds of as high as 52 km/h / 32 mph. Let us get talking about the aesthetics now; the Mate x Moncler peak white is the glossy all-white edition that draws inspiration from snow-clad mountains, alpine glaciers, and is similarly clad in all white right from fully white tires and white metallic detailing. The other color option is a deep black Mate that draws inspiration from the shadows of cascading peaks, dark ravines, and the obscure unexplored forests. Both the versions are slapped with Moncler tricolor decals and are premiering the collaboration logo which does look too cool.

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One of the coolest features of this eBike is how it easily folds away with three easy steps and comes with a custom Moncler down quilted duvet crafted in technical microfibre with nylon laqué. The removable cover helps keep the battery warm for maximum range in freezing temperatures. The Moncler Genius x Mate is available for pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo; it will also be available at select Moncler flagship stores around the world for a starting price of $2,710.

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