From Lamborghini to Moncler – Embrace the outdoors with the best eBikes money can buy

If the pandemic has taught us anything (apart from appreciating our health and taking care of it), it’s that there is nothing more freeing than breaking the shackles of a sedentary lifestyle. The one thing that can truly help you experience thrill, joy while making you fit and allowing you to beat the traffic is an e-bike. Walking and jogging are great, but there something about the Electric bike that wins hands down on the fun meter. It’s not just a mode of transport if you change the way you perceive it. Yes, it can get you anywhere faster than the average speed of traffic. Still, you got to consider other attached benefits like how riding electric bikes increases metabolism and core muscle strength because it allows you to ride for longer. If you’re not already a fan, then listed below are some of the coolest e-bikes money can buy-

Ducati e-Scrambler:
Italian manufacturer Ducati collaborated with Thok E-bikes for the e-Scrambler. The urban ride packs a punch with a 250-W Shimano Steps E7000 mid-drive motor along with a 504-Wh Shimano battery pack and Suntour XCR34 forks. The e-bike stands out on attractive yellow and black shades, as it sits on 27.5-inch Thok e-plus wheels and Pirelli Cycl-e GT27 tires. The e-bike is perfect for city streets as well as country roads. You can count on it to help you tow some stuff around town with a luggage rack. Ducati e-scrambler does complete justice to the legendary world of Scrambler motorcycles. It sells for $4,285.

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Wayfarer M7 eBike:
Excellent control is imperative when riding an eBike, and Wayfarer M7 offers ample owing to its stiff and perfect frame. It’s a beautiful bike in the flesh that doesn’t try to look like motorcycles with a Wisper Super Hi-Torque Mid Drive 43.2V 250W Nominal motor. A perfect pick for the bustling city roads, the Wayfarer M7 is a comfortable commuter or day to day workhorse. But make a slight change, change the tires, and you have the perfect off-roader for a day in the hills and forests. The Wayfarer M7 is one of the best-looking eBikes in attractive iridium silver; you can view the full Wisper eBike range by clicking here.

Mate x Moncler Genius eBike:
Mate x Moncler Genius 2020 limited edition eBike is a smart and mean beast, fitting for urban riding and mountain exploration. Apparel brand Moncler has outdone themselves with this new folding bike that is very well equipped to handle snow and tricky terrains. The Genius e-Bike includes remote live-tracking and an anti-theft system with SDM (Self Destruct Mode). Its physical strength can be attributed to space-grade aluminum and a performance-tuned 250W or 1000W motor with a throttle that allows the eBike to hit speeds of as high as 52 km/h / 32 mph. One of the coolest features of this eBike is how it easily folds away.

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Lamborghini Crosser and Sporter e-Bikes:
Crosser and Sporter eBike both offer a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h with an assistance option for the rider like Eco, Low, High, and Race. Wouldn’t be wrong to call these splendid Lamborghini offerings the most technically advanced bicycle in the world, that seamlessly integrates an electric motor with an automobile racing-style transmission. The Crosser has more ideal for the rider than enjoys off-road with higher ground clearance. The Sporter eBike is more suitable for road use in the city and comes with dual-purpose pedals.

Stromer ST5 eBike:
What sets the Stromer ST5 apart from the crowd is not just its $10,000 price tag but also uncompromised quality, features, and performance. The ST5 is finished to perfection with no loose ends; it is routed internally, giving the bike its streamlined appearance. The ST5 requires no keys, and the battery ejects electronically with the press of a button. The Stromer ST5 eBike comes with a built-in pressure-sensitive touch screen display, GPS tracking, and anti-theft functions, along with electronic shifting, hydraulic brakes, an anti-shock seat post, and several features that completely justify its price-tag.

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