Aston Martin has collaborated with Coleen for a DB4 inspired e-bike

Our regular readers may paint us obsessed with bikes, but when the world is spinning out such dishy contraptions we can’t help but swoon. First, it was Bentley’s 6-1 trike for the juniors and now the seriously sexy Coleen e-bike is here to impress the seniors. It stole the show at CES with its balanced mix of tech, heritage and heavy inspiration from Aston Martin DB4. With looks so gorgeous, Coleen e-bike also offers long battery life, is light weight, and is a hybrid-esque commuter bike design that uses 650b wheels and Schwalbe 2″-wide tires. The bike comes equipped with a 529 Wh removable battery, concealed in the downtube, and takes about 2.5 hours to charge completely. Let’s talk about the tech as there’s plenty in store; the 3.2″ display built right in is a big contributing factor in making this e-bike look dapper. Coleen comes with a smartphone app complete with geolocation, find your bike, view ride history, and anti-theft services. The app prompts the in-stem head unit with call and text notifications via Bluetooth.

You have to praise the work done on this bike that pays equal attention to function and form. There are many versions available but the one inspired by Aston Martin DB4 is a clear winner. Those interested should also know details include greaseless traction progressive hydraulic brake system, belt drive, and a price of nothing less than $6500 that includes a 30-day return policy, 2-year electronics warranty, and 7-year frame/fork warranty.

[Via: Uncrate]

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