Aston Martin mulling over a 1000hp electric Rapide to compete with Tesla’s Model S P85D

Aston Martin in one of the few remaining automakers in the world that are still selling cars with naturally aspirated V12 engines; the rest have moved to more frugal turbocharged V8s and V6s thanks to the tightening emissions regulations. The 5.9L V12 engine powering almost the complete Aston Martin range is considered as one of the last of its breed; however, the British marquee won’t stop making them anytime soon. To keep its V12-powered cars in production while meeting stricter proposed corporate fuel efficiency standards, Aston Martin might soon introduce an all-electric model. At the 2015 New York Auto Show, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said in an interview that he plans to make a pure electric car in two to three years using the Rapide S as a platform.

Palmer said that Aston Martin has been in discussions with a number of electric vehicle technology companies with a view to rapidly engineering, developing, and building the Rapide EV. Several companies have been given complete CAD data for the Rapide to help develop powertrain and battery location concepts; one company has even already dismantled an actual car as part of the project. “This project is born out of fun and born out of necessity. Electric power gives us the performance we want, although you won’t have a V12 noise – you’ll have something that works just as well for a luxury vehicle – silence. And you’ll have zero emissions,” Paler added.

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Very little information was given out on the proposed Aston Martin Rapide EV, other than hinting at a minimum range of about 200 miles, and that the car might have as much as 1000 hp and all-wheel drive. By comparison, Tesla Model S P85D, which is one of the quickest four-door sedans, has 691hp on tap. It looks like the Aston EV might disrupt Tesla’s party.

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