Grace Pro Race: An e-bike for the racing enthusiasts

An e-bike treads on a thin line between being is a bicycle and a motorcycle. But the Deutsche have strict guidelines to differentiate between the two. And so the latest in the racer e-bike category is the Grace Pro race. Designed in collaboration between Michael Hecken and Karl-Heinz Nicolai, the pedal-assisted Grace gets its frames from the Nicolai factory.

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The engine that runs on pedal-push can hit speeds up to 45km/h and pump out between 500 and 1300 watts of energy. The racer also features a handlebar-mounted computer with two headlights contained inside a CNC-machined block of aluminum. A one hour charge of the battery can give you 30-50 emission-less kilometers of ride.
Available in three frame options (city, and universal models are two of the three available), you can pick from 64 colors, computer and waterproof battery case variations. Made by order only, Wired reports that the bike is priced at $9,944. Click here for details.

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