These Adidas sneakers are the most ridiculous and goofiest you will ever see, but you will still want them

Adidas’ latest partnership with rapper Tommy Cash certainly won’t bring in the cash as this creation reeks of being an attention-grabbing stunt! The first thought that came to my mind on seeing the longest Adidas sneaker ever was, ‘Ducks may love it’! On the other hand, Tommy Cash wanted to make a bold fashion statement for his first-ever collaboration with Adidas and boy! He did succeed. The two debuted a collaborative Superstar, which boasts monochromatic coloring and about two or three extra-toe room feet. Tommy Cash posted on Instagram, ‘when I said to Adidas that I want to make the longest shoe in the world as our collab they were like WTF Tommy. But 5 months later, here we are. I’m tired of stock boring-ass plain ass trendy ass shit.‘ The sneaker world is no stranger to making outlandish, out-of-the-box footwear case in point Balenciaga’s $5,750 sneakers that no one can ever wear or Supreme and Nike’s Air Max 95 in premium leather, but Tommy Cash’s unending version of sneakers tops them all.

If you like the style but not the size then make note the elongated freakish pair is made only for Tommy Cash and the market-ready version are still superstars, either black or white on each side, but in a sane, wearable, regular size.

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