These shoes pay tribute to the geeky Apple sneakers from the 90’s

Do you know that Apple once released its own branded sneakers? It was more than 20 years ago and a very limited number of pairs were made which were given to employees in the early 1990s and was never sold to the public. The ultra-rare all-white tennis shoe was originally made as a promotional item when the company launched its first color desktop computer. Naturally, as one would expect to happen with any rare Apple-branded product, the Apple-branded sneakers are now a highly sought after item in the collector’s market. One such pair was put up for auction in 2017 for a whopping $30,000, however, it failed to get sell. In case, you want you are a big Apple nerd and want one for yourself but don’t have that kind of cash, Concepts and Parisian footwear label Mephisto have collaborated to come up with tribute sneakers that pay homage to the original Apple trainers. This is the second time the two brands have joined forces for another collaborative Match model.

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The Concepts x Mephisto “Apple” Sneaker is not an official reboot of the original but a recreation that pays homage the white trainers. In fact, it doesn’t even look exactly the same, but rather resemble the shape and color along with other styling details. “We pay homage to the early days of personal computing,” said Concepts. “Join us as we command a reboot, reformat and execute the installation of the Concepts x Mephisto CCM-96 Match. The co-branding placed on the tongue labels and side panels also emulates the classic Apple rainbow logo. To give it a modern twist, the Concepts x Mephisto “Apple” Sneaker has a premium leather construction along with metallic eye stays and full-length rubber tooling solidifying the build. Limited numbers of the special sneakers will be made and will be available for sale beginning April 19, exclusively at Concepts.

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