UGG just made the world’s most expensive boots at $15,000 but would you buy them?

Let me just start by saying, WTHey! What I mean is, even if I did have the money to buy the world’s most expensive boots, what UGG is labeling “Punk Couture” is, in simple terms, not going to cut it. Let’s get into the Swarovski encrusted details and learn why.

UGGs have long been on the lust lists and by consequence, shoe closets of many. Since 1974, in fact, according to the Australian, cozy boot company. However, after recently going from cozy to glitzy, its glamorous new pair of feet warmers is reminding us of Miley Cyrus’ climb from teen idol Hanna Montana to controversy queen.

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Unveiled at their Flagship store in The Rocks, the latest pair of UGG boots has been specifically designed with another known as the “East/West Opulence”. Decorated in Swarovski crystals, it apparently took ten months to make, with each crystal has been applied by hand. Ready to dazzle? You could, just as long as you’re also ready for $15,000 in damages.

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[Via – Daily-Telegraph]

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