Winters just got cooler with the second chapter of The North Face x Gucci collaboration.

Last year The North Face and Gucci created quite a buzz with stylish ’70s-tinged styles emblazoned with striking patterns and logos. They are back with chapter two, and it is justified to say the sequel is bigger and better. It borrows from its predecessors an array of floral, landscape, and logo-heavy prints that appear across the entire126 piece collection. While there are typical TNF outdoor offerings like tracksuits, knitwear, and staple winter outerwear, the collection also features unusual zippered cardigans and silk dresses that are more Gucci than The North Face, barring the branded buttons.

I have especially loved the vast options of overalls that will make you stand out in a crowd in Aspen. Interestingly, the co-branded Half-Dome logo looks eye-catching and more so on accessories like bold-colored boots and accessories like belt bags, slides, baseball hats, and backpacks. The duo has outdone themselves with this second drop, yielding a massive selection of co-branded trek gear, especially the monogrammed Nuptse jackets and retro windbreakers.

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The North Face x Gucci collection retails for $550 – $4,500 that celebrates the spirit of exploration while pushing the limits of tradition. If you missed out the first time, you can find the complete, massive collection on Gucci’s website and shop for your winter trip to a ski resort in Vail.

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