Gucci Loves New York handbag to commemorate Gucci store at Trump building

Gucci loves New York………and what a way to express it! Luxist reported that with the new Gucci store opening at the Trump building, the brand is offering a limited edition bag that can be purchased or won. And since it’s only available on Fifth Avenue, it should attract lots of Gucci fans as soon as the ribbon is cut. Though a whimsical idea, it’s right in time for the lover’s day. What’s more intriguing about this collection is that it has a charitable connection. 100% of the proceeds from the limited edition Gucci Loves NY bag will benefit the Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservancy. This donation will go towards the maintenance and operation of the 21 children’s playgrounds in Central Park.

The bags carry a tag of $570 for small, $640 for medium, and $690 for large.

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