You won’t believe how much this humble Yoga mat costs (It’s from Hermes)

Are you a yogi who is struggling to get away from luxuries? Then, (at the cost being defiant of the very essence of yoga), here’s a piece of premium goodness just for you! We’re talking about the luxury yoga bag and mat by Hermes that may just be your guilty pleasure this season. Coming in at a steep $20,000, the offering packs in an exquisite bag and mat specially for the ‘luxury loving’ yogi in you!

Measuring at L 62 x W 20 x D 18 cm, the heavily priced by bag + mat by Hermes is as sleek as the brand’s quintessential Birkin. Colored in a muted grey with black handles and straps, the accessory also doubles as a great companion for a day at the gym or an outdoor workout. Inside the svelte bag, one can find a yoga mat that is fabricated to look as natural as a log of wood (literally). Apart from its woody-design, it(the mat) comes with four definitive leather patches around the corners that match the bag’s handle and straps- also made from the same leather.

Hermes is well-known for its ludicrously priced accessories such as the luxury dice game priced at $1050 as well as the ultra-glam $68,300 foosball table that it introduced in the years 2018 and 2017 respectively. Earlier in the year, the marquee also unveiled a luxe Vivace saddle for a whopping $8,200. Well, when it comes to luxury, Hermes surely knows how to play it right!

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