Create a discotheque in your bathroom with Kohler’s new shower with mood lighting and touchscreen speakers

Kohler’s new launch called the “Digital Showering Experience” is to say the least much more than just a shower. The system comes with a shower, a touch screen controlled surround sound booth, disco lights, a two temperature standing spa and a steam bath.

kohlers-digital-shower-2The base package includes three components for $1940 – a touchscreen interface that is installed in the shower, a mounting bracket for it, and a system controller that is installed outside the shower. The controller acts as a power supply for the touchscreen and a connection hub for all the systems. It also provides a way to control valves and water temperature independently. The system can also be customized to allow you to stream tunes from a blue tooth connected device.

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kohlers-digital-shower-3A complete system would cost $9,000 which would include four speakers, the amplifier unit, a steam adapter, some steam heads, the rain showerhead unit with 88 nozzles and a multicolour light show. Once the whole system is set up and working, the touch screen can be set to your personal presets of temperature, music and lights. The system can be programmed with spa experiences that can target your pulse points or a relaxation mode that relaxes the tensed up muscles or an energy mode that alternates between hot and cold water to shake the sleep off you.

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This is what you need to set up in your bathroom for these experiences.

[Via – Wired]

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