With a revamped business class cabin and an even luxurious first-class shower, Emirates adds oodles of oomph to its A380 premium class

The first half of 2020 was a dud even for one of the world’s best airlines, Emirates. The pandemic affected the tourism and aviation industry incredibly harshly, with Covid-19 changing the very face of Emirates first and business class by eliminating its infamous cocktail bar and showers. Thankfully with the second half, things started improving once the world regained control of the virus and its contagion. Emirates bounced back by reopening its onboard lounges and shower spas on the A380. This was followed by the debut of the very fabulous and newly launched Emirates Premium Economy which beautifully bridges the gap between business class and economy. Clearly not the ones to stop at that, Emirates is now uncovering a revived look for the business class seats and cabin – along with the onboard cocktail bar and the two first-class shower suites. News is the refreshed Emirates Business Class takes its design cues from the airlines’ latest Boeing 777 jets. The A380 business class seats retain their fabulousness with direct aisle access, a fully flatbed, and a personal mini-bar. What’s changed here is the addition of some marvelous, muted yet soothing champagne-colored leather covers and wood finishing. The A380 business class looks extremely refined and luxe now, a welcomed improvement from the former drab grey color theme.

The newly improved and rather enhanced cocktail bar and lounge at the rear of the upper deck look inviting and opulent, oozing with a clean and airy champagne color scheme, wood paneling, and bronze accents. The revamp further extends to the two first-class shower suites with a softer color and materials palette plus more modern fittings. On the walls, guests will find a pretty Ghaf tree motif that is considered the United Arab Emirates’ national tree and holds deep cultural and ecological significance replacing the Dubai skyline on the wall. Emirates President Sir Tim Clark says, “The Emirates A380 is already one of the most sought-after travel experiences in the skies, and now we’ve made it even better. True to our fly better promise, Emirates continues to invest in offering our customers the best possible experience.”

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[Via: Executive Traveller]

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