Emirates gets its mojo back as it reopens onboard lounges and shower spas on the A380

Someone clever once said, ‘it doesn’t matter how hard you fall, what matters is how high you bounce back’! Emirates, the Dubai-based carrier is bouncing back after Covid-19 took some shine off Emirates’ premium travel experience. Their crowning glory- a swish cocktail bar, and lounge, and the popular onboard shower service were closed for first-class passengers. The services were actually put on pause during the coronavirus pandemic, but now Emirates says they are re-opening those areas with additional health and safety measures. Frequent fliers on the upper deck have a lot to be glad about as the A380 lounge will now open as a takeaway the only bar, offering limited seating capacity and adhering to social distancing norms. It will continue to serve snacks and drinks for guests to grab and go. Bartenders in personal protective gear will offer wines, spirits, soft drinks, and pre-packaged food to customers to enjoy in the comfort of their own seats. Customers traveling long haul flights are now welcome to take a quick shower at 40,000 feet, thanks to the reopening of Emirates’ A380 Shower Spas. Special attention to detail and safety is paid as the crew makes available essentials like disposable bath towels and individual amenity bags stocked with essential spa and bath products by organic Irish brand Voya.

In addition to reopening its signature experiences, Emirates will welcome its first and business class fliers with a vitality welcome drink enriched with antioxidants and a nutrient-rich blend of apple, ginger, and hibiscus with no added sugar. The Emirates A380 bar is equipped with superior ventilation ensured by installing state-of-the-art HEPA air filters, making it safer than many establishments at ground level. Starting on November 1st, you will be able to raise a toast and shower in the sky, with new hygiene protocols in place.

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