Bossini unveils the Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy showerhead for bathroom singers

Many folks enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while they hit the showers. Being a bathroom singer myself, I too enjoy grooving and singing to tunes while I shower. Usually, I take my iPod or my music phone in the shower. But the sound of the shower manages to drain out the music of these devices. Since I lack any space to keep speakers, I have to be content with humming my own tunes. But with the amazing MP3 shower head from Bossini, my woes about listening to music. In contrast, my shower is definitely over. Christened, the Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy, this showerhead lets you groove. At the same time, you cleanse without worrying about the music draining out due to the shower’s sound. The stainless steel shower head is equipped with a sound system and two speakers and connects to your iPod or MP3 player.

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Blending the different features beautifully like music, chromotherapy with an enveloping Jet WideRain, or revitalizing Jet Waterfall, this shower head is truly a class apart.
Sleek smart and oh so awesome, this musical showerhead from Bossini will surely leave you rejuvenated. To know more about this amazing shower head, click here.

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