Behold the 370-inch 4K TV Titan Zeus which is bigger than an elephant and costs $1.6million

More than his massive collection of suits, I find Barney Stinson’s apartment more praiseworthy; and frankly speaking, it’s all about the two jumbo size 300-inch flat screen TVs that make his apartment the coolest possible bachelor pad. But, now there is giant TV aptly named “Titan Zeus” which will make Barney’s TV walls look puny as it has the largest dimensions we have ever come across; it measures a whopping 26 by 16 feet. The 370-inch Titan Zeus wall TV is designed for both indoor as well as outdoor use and the unit is so big that you’ll have to sit at least 50 feet away for optimum viewing.

The gigantic 370” TV is made by a UK-based company named Titan Screens which first entered the TV industry in 2013 when Microsoft’s Xbox team wanted “the most beautiful gaming screen ever.” Since then, the company has just sold one unit to a private customer who prefers to remain anonymous. And why wouldn’t it be, the Titan Zeus is priced at $1.6 million making it the second most expensive TV in world. And mind you, it should not be compared with home theatre projector screens, as it has 4K resolution and all the features a high-end LED TV should have. So in case you couldn’t make it to Brazil for the World Cup, this TV will guarantee you the best experience but only if you have $1.6 million to spare.

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