Acer’s new $14,000 Predator Thronos Air is a 715-pound gaming chair that will massage you while you play

Remember the crazy Predator Thronos gaming chair by Acer that made its public debut at last year’s IFA Berlin, Europe’s largest consumer tech show. The 1.5-meter tall set-up with a seat that can recline up to 140 degrees is everything a pro-gamer can ask for. However, it came with a rather steep asking price of $20,000. Exactly a year later, Acer has showcased a new version of the gaming chain at the 2019 IFA. Called the Predator Thronos Air, the gaming chair is designed to be a little more affordable than its predecessor at the expense of being a little less motorized. The new gaming chair by Acer loses out on the automatic motorized monitor arm in favor of a manually adjustable one; however, it retains the massive structure and the ability to mount three monitors. But, it’s a full $6,000 cheaper than the original and comes with a $13,999 sticker price.

The new Predator Thronos Air promises of the same level of the immersive gaming experience as its predecessor. Just like the original, it features an adjustable mouse and keyboard tray, and footrest, along with the option to equip the rig with optional cup holder, cameras and hubs. The buyer will also have to equip the gaming chair with their own PC, monitors and peripherals. Acer says the Thronos Air will be available for sale in Europe and North America towards the end of the year.


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