Beats by Dre hits the baseball diamond with limited edition MLB themed Studio Wireless headphones

When it comes to high-end personal audio, Beats by Dr. Dre have become a household name, even though there might be quite a few households that can’t afford them. Nonetheless their products are marketed so very well that the brand is highlighted all over the place. Even the knock-offs help them get noticed in places where one would aspire to own and original but can’t afford it. Like Apple (it’s no wonder they bought the brand for themselves), the brand finds its way to the big screens and small with appearances in movies, TV shows, ads et al and now their diversifying further by collaborating with sports teams in the MLB.

Now America’s favourite pastime, Baseball, has joined forces with “America’s favourite” personal audio company to deliver specially designed Beats Studio Wireless headphones for sports fans. A total of five teams have joined the Beats family – San Francisco Giants, L.A Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, and the New York Yankees. These sports teams have joined an “elite” group of brands that include the likes of Fendi, Alexander Wang, MCM and even Hello Kitty who are helping drive Beats’ real-world presence to home plate.
Only 1000 units of these MLB branded headphones will be produced and will feature team colors, logos on each side of the headphone cups, over the head-band etc.; essentially each headset will be thoroughly customized and all you need to do is pick your team colors. Specifications for these limited edition Studio Wireless headphones by Beats will not deviate from the norm and will still include features like active noise cancellation, a 12-hour battery life and a plug and play cable if you’re running low of battery. Controls for playback are located on the headphones themselves along with the built-in mic to be used for calls etc. when connected to a mobile handset via Bluetooth.

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In terms of pricing, the limited edition Studio Wireless MLB headphones are available for pre-order at $379 a pair, which isn’t too much more than the standard issue, so go nuts sports fans!

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