But why? A Russian company is selling a pair of gold AirPods Pro for a $67,000

If you think that the AirPods Pro are priced a bit too exorbitantly, wait till you hear about a version of the earpieces that cost way beyond what your imagination (and bank balance) can fathom. We’re talking about the latest offering by Russian luxury gadget company – Caviar which recently unveiled the Gold edition AirPods Pro for a whopping $67,790.

The luxurious accessory boasts the earbuds and case made from 750 content gold, translating to about 18-karat gold or 75 percent pure gold. While the bling version is way heavier than the original design, Caviar believes it ‘contributes to an extra unique feeling that these luxury ear plugs will give you’. In addition to being dipped in shine, the AirPods Pro will retain each of its regular features such as the much welcome noise-canceling and sweat-and-water resistance upgrade.

Remarking on its latest offering, Caviar on its website mentions: ‘This is the new level of an exclusive accessory that causes sincere admiration. The new model of wireless earphones may be rightfully considered a truly exceptional accessory.’ In addition to the gold edition AirPods, Caviar’s website lists a $139,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone 11 called the “Solarius Zenith”, an iPhone embedded with a moon rock for a discounted price of $13,000 and a wide range of uber-luxe watches on sale. What would you fancy buying?

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