Continental Mobiles unveil World’s 1st Diamond Encrusted Nokia E71

Continental Mobiles has something to tease all Nokia E71 users this weekend. They have unveiled World’s 1st Diamond Encrusted Nokia E71 for £6,000 ($9,500). Exclusively handcrafted, the E71 is caked with dazzling Vs1 quality diamonds. Though such a glitzy business phone may not appeal to all the executives out there, it will definitely lure many women holding key posts in corporate sector. Wonder if any man would flaunt this diamond studded Nokia E71 Business QWERTY Luxury Mobile Phone. As for the features, the E71 encases all the necessary specs in the slimmest case. The subtle backlit centre key indicates when an event is due or an e-mail has arrived. It is also compatibility with Exchange or your favorite personal e-mail provider such as GMail or Yahoo. Don’t miss out the accurate QWERTY keyboard sitting on the face enclosed with diamond border.

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Continental Mobiles-World's 1st Diamond Encrusted Nokia E71_1.jpg
If the Ruby encrusted Nokia 8800 Arte didn’t succeed in reaching your pocket then this diamond encrusted Nokia E71 may do the trick.

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