$200,000 and studded with diamonds – Rams star Odell Beckham Jr flaunts the most expensive cleats ever worn in the Super Bowl.

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Win or lose at sports, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. certainly won with his exceptional pregame attire. The Rams star took high-fashion to the field with custom cleats that are said to be the most expensive ever to be worn for the NFL’s big game. Whoever thinks fashion is only for the runway needs to look at OBJ’s $200,000 diamond-encrusted cleats. The six-figure price tag is bestowed by Dominic Ciambrone, who goes by the moniker ‘The Shoe Surgeon.’

Via Instagram / @ramsandtheshoesurgeon

Odell’s cleats shine bright owing to 1,494 individual round, brilliant white diamonds with a total weight of 25 carats studded on the Nike swoosh. The glittering flawless D color clarity diamonds were all bought from the acclaimed jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills. All that glitters isn’t just diamonds but also 150 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. The shoe-maker Dominic Ciambrone, aka The Shoe Surgeon, told People magazine, “It’s not about making the most expensive cleat. Odell’s not only a top player, but he’s a big personality, and he likes fashion, and he likes to stand out, and that’s what I like. So it just kind of all came together.”

Via Instagram / @ramsandtheshoesurgeon

The wide-receivers cleats are a thing of beauty and sheer hard work, having been in the works for much longer than just the 100-plus person-hours it took to construct them. “It’s a whole different process, and it’s not an easy process. These cleats that we’re making right now it’s very specific, you can’t really teach someone how to do this. It’s tough, but it’s rewarding because it’s just so cool to see them actually played in a game,” Ciambrone tells PEOPLE. “It’s really about maintaining the integrity of the cleat because it’s a performance cleat or shoe. So I never want to take away from the performance.”

The CEO of Beverly Hills Jason Arasheben, Jason who previously created Buccaneer’s Super Bowl ring, tells PEOPLE he loves working with OBJ. “He knows what he wants and together we’ve had the pleasure of making some crazy pieces,” Arasheben says. “The Rams are the second team to play the Super Bowl at their home stadium. Being a part of the Buccaneer’s win last year, it felt fitting to work on this piece with Odell and Dominic.”

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