A $38,000 iPhone case that is studded with 2000 diamonds

If the adage ‘time is money holds true, then two Japanese companies seem to have gotten it right in their latest product, down till its very price tag. Time literally costs a lot of money if you consider Koku, meaning “time,” an uber upscale iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S case created by Japanese jeweler Akiyama and Phonet, a mobile phone company. Its bedazzling extravagance and eye-popping prices are the results of combining the decadence of precious stones and metals with technological dexterity.

The case was “extremely difficult” to manufacture because the materials tended to shrink or lose their sheen during the casting process, said Akiyama Co.’s, Yutaro Akiyama. While the silver version comes fitted out with cubic zirconias, the gold case dazzles with diamonds. It is carved out of 18-carat yellow gold studded with 207 diamonds weighing 1.71 carats in total. Koku’s “time” element becomes visible when you turn around the case. Its back features a design of a clock face set against the outline of a solitaire-diamond ring. The silhouette of Japan’s tallest peak sits above the XII symbol as a sign of inspired ingenuity. Moreover, even the prices are modeled after the height of the iconic Mt. Fuji.

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The 377,600 yen ($3,840) for the silver and the 3,776,000 yen for the gold (around $38,400) are a clear indicator of incorporating the 3,776-meter mountain. If only nature had been kinder than man and discounted on the length of the peak. According to Mr. Akiyama, the company has received one order for the silver version so far, but none have been placed for the gold one yet. “Since iPhone is marketed globally, we’d like to promote these outside Japan as well in future,” added he. The jeweler said that it would be producing just 15 pieces of each of the precious silver and gold cases, and they will be available by order only.

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[Via – WSJ and Japan-Daily-Press]

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