By Atelier’s Clous De Paris Black & Gold is a $4,300 gold-studded iPhone cover with a concierge

Just the day before yesterday, we discussed the Pochette Pallas by LV for iPad mini. Now it’s the iPhone’s turn. Cue, By Atelier’s Clous De Paris Black & Gold! No ordinary iPhone cover this, its polished black Parisian charm far exceeds the realms of luxury associated with technology. Don’t believe me? Then see for yourself!

A self-confessed supporter of “intelligent luxury,” By Atelier transforms smartphones by rethinking their silhouette, all the while conserving their technology. Think iPhone 5s, only with black sapphire crystal and PVD stainless steel. Did I say “only”? I was just getting warmed up you see.

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Enter 18k rose gold that completes the contours of Clous de Paris Black & Gold. And I dare you to stop marveling at its golden ‘intelligence’ just yet because there are gold buttons that highlight the sleekness of the phone front and animalistic elegance of the black alligator back even more.

If that weren’t enough, the handcrafted creation is served up with a high quality black calfskin leather case and all original accessories and documents of course, in a luxurious By Atelier box that’d have you hankering for more. And more there will be!

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By Atelier ensures that with the purchase of the product, you have a yearlong exclusive conciergerie service (Read: concierge at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). All this comes for a price though and by ‘price’, I mean $4,300. But if it’s just the cover you’re after and not the phone, Clous De Paris Black & Gold will cost you a sum total of $3,000 (approx.).


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