This AI-powered pram aims to make parenting easier! It maneuvers without being steered, flaunts a multi-level braking system, and even emulates natural rocking for your little one to doze off.

Image: Glüxkind

Canadian-based company Glüxkind will spoil parents, not babies! The Ella stroller is a pram equipped with artificial intelligence to push and rock itself. It looks like an ordinary stroller, but in lay terms, it is packed with superpowers that give respite to new parents and nannies alike. The reversible seat of the battery-powered Tesla-like pram is outfitted with adaptive push-and-break assistance. It won’t tire you out on uphill climbs nor make you nervous during downhill journeys, especially with a fully loaded pram. It is common for babies to sleep better with white noise, and the tiny tots will have it 24×7 as the Ella flaunts built-in white noise playback and a rock-my-baby mode.

Image: Glüxkind

While songs and tunes can be managed even with smartphones, the product’s highlight is undoubtedly its self-driving capabilities. In a genius move, pun intended, the pram is capable of moving without being steered. “[The product’s] innovations give parents almost a nanny-like experience,” Glüxkind Technologies explained. The feature is even more helpful when the baby is in your arms, and the caregiver has to hold the baby in one hand while steering the empty stroller with the other. The 30-pound (13.6-kg) stroller boasts a multi-level braking system that will also intelligently stop the unattended stroller.

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Ella smart stroller. Image: Glüxkind

GluxKind’s co-founder Anne Hunger stated, “Ella lends you an extra pair of eyes and hands while you are on the go.” Co-founder Kevin Huang said, “With Ella, we aim to make parenting easier, starting with the key piece of equipment, the baby stroller. We want to embolden parents to create their own paths on their parenting journey.” Glüxkind Technologies showed Ella, the AI-based smart stroller, at the Las Vegas CES 2023 tech trade show.

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The Ella smart stroller app. Image: Glüxkind

“We’ve put a lot of hard work into this product and are excited to get it into more customers’ hands in 2023. The development has been driven by our own experience as new parents,” said Hunger, chief product officer, in a statement. “Supporting the next generations of parents with an incredible product is what motivates us every day. Getting this recognition not only validates our effort but also enables us to reach more families who are looking for better products.”

Ella smart stroller. Image: Glüxkind

Deliveries of the AI Stroller will commence in April 2023, for $3,300 a pop! No one said convenience was cheap; only necessary!

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