Mercedes-Benz takes baby steps in new avatar

German high-quality baby carriage maker, Hartan, and Mercedes-Benz have joined hands to bring to parents of affluence a stroller that is nothing less of excellence for babies. The Avantgarde comes power packed built to sustain any traces of challenge in maneuvering the little bunnies through town – although its a different thing on why a parent would want to maneuver their babies in such an environment. Nonetheless, the stroller is ergonomic, contains lightweight components and is also supposed to eco-friendly. All highly important features for a newborn to be exposed to of course, especially the lightweight components such as an 8.9kg aluminium frame and a 4.1kg GTX seat unit. The transporter has Solight Ecco air chamber tyres and something that C-Class aficionados’ will immediately spot – a black and silver coloured 5-twin spoke AMG designed rim. It’s sustainability feature is that the stroller doesn’t contain any plasticisers or PAHs. There is a telescopic handlebar, parking brake, a height adjustable footrest and the option to rotate the set 180 degrees. The last seal of kiss is that it is super safe – bearing the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV).

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Similar to automaker Aston Martin’s luxurious pram, there is also loud and clear branding on these new trams, the Mercedes-Benz three star on the seat and it’s lettering on the frame. The package consists of an infant carrier, and extras are available such as a sunshade umbrella, a wind shield for the seat, a rain hood and also a slot to hold mobile phones, keys and wallets for the parents.

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The Avantgarde – the Mercedes of baby carriages – will go on sale from this month.

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