If the dog is a man’s best friend, this rideable robotic unicorn by Chinese vehicle company XPeng can be your child’s coolest BFF

There was a time when sticks and stones were enough for kids to have a great time. But with the world advancing and everyone making small and significant changes in their lives by roping tech, why should kids be left behind? If mommy and daddy can get robot maids and grandparents can have their own robotic granddaughter, Ami-chan, what about the kids? Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng targets a younger demographic with something that the entire generation is obsessing over, unicorns! Imagine their euphoria when they come across a robot unicorn children can actually ride.

They could’ve been appeased with a unicorn notepad or a plushie, but that’s not the way of the Chinese. The South China Morning Post reports, this ‘Little White Dragon’ will be equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to maneuver autonomously, navigate various terrains and recognize people and objects, and provide ‘intelligent, emotional interaction.’ This clearly indicates a dog won’t be your child’s best friend anymore. Though not a reality yet, the company’s robotics division hopes the creature will become the first smart vehicle for children. Xpeng did not indicate when the robot would go into production or when it might be available commercially, nor have they divulged details on pricing.

Xpeng chair He Xiaopeng said, “Banking on our capabilities in autonomous driving, voice recognition, and smart manufacturing, Xpeng will move into the robotics field by making the most of the technologies we grasp. Our first goal is to churn out a low-speed rideable robotic pony for transport purposes.”

[Via: Slash Gear]

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