Munk Bogballe’s custom-made luxury laptop range launched at the Millionaire Fair

I still don’t know what is the big deal with a MAC or a Windows PC? May be it’s like the cat people and the dog people of the virtual world. Anyway, time to share the big news! After giving the world one of the world’s most expensive MacBook and a rage of other Apple products and phones, the Europe-based company Munk Bogballe is out with its stunning Classic Bespoke collection that too at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow. Starting at €5,200 ($7,180), you can buy a stunning laptop crafted in 5.1 pound aluminium set in leather inside a mahogany screen frame, finished in gold and an on-off button made with freshwater pearl. For a little more you can opt for diamonds.

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The laptop comes with a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. For vanity you can opt for ostrich leather and an 18 carat gold power button.