For $3000, you can get the Nokia 3310 Putin edition

If Nokia’s relaunch of the almost archaic 3310 wasn’t strange enough, Russian Phone company -Caviar has notched up bizarre to another level with the introduction of a Putin inspired version of the handheld in gold. Titled the “Supremo Putin”, the tech device dons a rather eclectic avatar, apart from also being a fitting tribute to the greatest Russian President of all time – Mr. Vladimir Putin.

As stated by the firm, the Supremo Putin’s gold plated construction reflects the “luxury, style and character of president Putin, the most popular man in Russia.” The back of the patriotic device features a Renaissance-inspired gold portrait of the Russian politician and hand-engraved lines from the Russian national anthem. The button and other bling aspects of the phone come in a gold and titanium plating that is further sealed in by a Double Electroplated technology. Along with all the exquisite aesthetics, the phone will be shipped to the buyers in a luxe varnished wooden box that is beautifully inked with black velvet.

This isn’t the first time Caviar has engraved the face of Putin on a phone. Apart from the 3310, the brand had also introduced a Putin inspired iPhone 6S early last year. As for the customized 3300, the company will sell this bizarre variant for whopping $1700 USD. For those interested, it is currently available for pre-order on the company’s webpage.


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