Panasonic offers HD Ready Viera Link entry-level TVs

Continuing its commitment to providing the most technologically superior HD plasma televisions for every room size and viewing environment, Panasonic, the world leader in plasma manufacturing and sales, has once again raised the bar on HDTV performance with the release of 3 new HD Ready Viera Link entry-level TVs. These TVs are part of Panasonic’s Viera Link line and the three models have a 4000:1 contrast ratio. The models introduced are the TH-50PX60 (50 inches, 1366×768 resolution), the TH-42PX60 (42 inches, 1024×768 resolution) and the TH-37PX60 (37 inches, 1024×720 resolution). The latest VIERA range offers enhanced VREAL technology to optimize visuals. The new HD Ready TV by Panasonic comes with an interesting remote concept that can command the TV, DVD, HDD recorder and Home Theater amplifier and this solution is called HDMI Link.

This move definitely reflects the industry leader’s commitment to fit screen size to lifestyle. To meet the expanding worldwide demand for plasma TV, which is expected to top 25 million units in 2010, Panasonic is continually increasing its investment in every area of plasma technology from R&D to manufacturing. Prices for this new line start from $2,500 and escalate further than $4,500 depending on the model.

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