See it to believe it – This $190,000 gorgeous 4K MicroLED TV transforms into a minimalistic sculpture when not in use

It was last year when Austrian ultra-high-end TV brand C Seed introduced the world’s first 165-inch folding MicroLED TV that fully hides under the ground when not in use. However, the C Seed foldable TV’s eyewatering price tag of $400,000 made it more expensive than the base Rolls-Royce Ghost. C Seed was aware that its flagship MicroLED TV’s steep pricing might be a problem and it went back to the drawing board. Well, the Austrian company has released a new, more affordable version of its foldable TV that has a starting price of $190,000 – less than half the price of the foldable TV from last year. Meet the equally impressive C Seed N1 TV that has retained the company’s signature foldable design and is available in three oversized dimensions.

The smallest one measures 103 inches diagonally, while the N1 TV can be purchased in 137- and 165-inch sizes as well. If you’re wondering how did C Seed manage to reduce the price of its foldable TV by more than half, then let me tell you that the N1 model loses out on one crucial feature in comparison to last year’s M1 TV. The latter is designed to fully disappear into a recessed cavity underneath the floor. On the other hand, the N1’s MicroLED folds down to take the form of a one-piece sculptural, minimalistic piece of art that “reflects contemporary architectural sensibilities.” The N1 is machined from aerospace aluminum and looks simply gorgeous in its folded as well as unfolded forms. Thanks to its standalone design, the TV can be placed anywhere in the room and doesn’t need structural and architectural work to be installed.

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Once fully erect with the display fully unfolded, the N1 can be rotated up to 180 degrees to offer the perfect viewing angle. As far as the specifications are concerned, the N1 TV features 4K MicroLED technology along with HDR10+ support, a built-in 9.2-channel A/V receiver, and a pair of 100-watt speakers. Most MicroLED TVs are created from multiple panels, which has the downside of visible seams between the panels. C Seed claims it has addressed the issue with something that the company calls Adaptive Gap Calibration. Thanks to it, the seams between the panels are almost undetectable to the naked eye. The only gripe is that the N1 is not a smart TV and you’ll have to attach external hardware to use streaming services.

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