The mother of all TV’s is here – Its 16k, 63 foot wide and costs $6 million

Sony has announced the world’s most gigantic display for consumers that measures 63 feet long and 17 feet tall and has a resolution of 16K. Called the Sony Crystal Cinema, the display was originally presented at the NAB trade show in April 2019 for cinema exhibitors, but Sony has now said that the tech will be available to consumers with deep pockets. Just to give you some context, the Sony Crystal Cinema is more than twice as big as Samsung’s ‘The Wall Luxury’ 8K TV that debuted this year in June. Similar to the Samsung’s mammoth display, Sony’s Crystal Cinema LED tech uses micro-LED modules, each measuring 16×18 inches in size and 360 x 360 resolution with three tiny LEDs for each pixel. It works like OLED, but are much brighter, producing 1,000 nit of brightness, and has the million-to-one infinite contrast as OLED.

Since the Sony Crystal LED display has a modular architecture, it can be ordered in different sizes and resolutions. Sony came up with a few configurations which include: 1080p with 18 modules at 8 feet x 4 feet, 4K size at 16 feet wide (72 modules), 8K at 32 feet x 18 feet (288 modules) and 16K and 63 feet x 18 feet (576 modules). Each unit reportedly costs around $10,000, which means the 16 feet wide 4K display will cost $720,000, while the biggest possible size with 16K resolution will carry a jaw-dropping price of $5.8 million. But if you’ve a house big enough to accommodate a display that measures 63-foot wide, the price won’t bother you anyway. Sony has said the mega-sized screens will be sold only through specially trained and certified dealers.


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