This Audi timepiece is more than just a run-of-the-mill grandfather clock

The luxury German automaker Audi is no stranger to groundbreaking designs. The company has been developing and manufacturing some of the best automobiles in the contemporary market and has often managed to turn heads with technology it brings to the world. Designers Jaehyuk Lee and Pilkwon Jung have incorporated this design thought of Audi into a one-of-a-kind clock. A modern take on grandfather clocks of the decades gone by, this timepiece by Lee and Jung has been created keeping Audi’s slogan in mind, “Vorsprung Durch Technic” or Advancement Through Technology.

Audi timepiece clock 1
The clock is as elegant and simple yet completely awe-striking as any of Audi’s developments in the motoring world. Sporting smooth lines and using symmetry to its benefit, this clock sports a metallic body with a watch face to match. On its face, the clock sports the Audi logo as well as the slogan mentioned above. Sleek enough to fit into a modern home yet sophisticated to be used in a grey-suited workplace; this clock manages to do its job well, without compromising on its true function. The clock is more than just a concept and an idea. It incorporates all that Audi stands for, boasting a magnificent design and flawless precision.
Audi timepiece clock 3

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