Why take a selfie when your drone can take pictures of you, for you?

Why ask someone to take a picture of you when you’re perfectly capable of doing so by yourself, right? In a world where selfies rule the show, shutterbugs are in for a bigger surprise in the near future. Soon, holding up a smartphone to take a self-portrait will seem passé, thanks to the swanky new drones that have taken to the skies lately. Besides delivering pizzas and launching missile strikes, drones are also capable of clicking pictures! Nearly every gadget lover these days is busy raking in cash to bring home one of these remotely-controlled aerial contraptions, giving drones top spots on Christmas wishlists.

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Some of the most popular of these machines include the wristwatch Nixie Drone, a tiny and portable device that’s capable of flying away from its owner to a fixed distance to take a picture. While this one’s fit for those with a tighter pocket, the favorite amongst drone aficionados today is the DJI Phantom 2, a $1000 quadcopter that comes with an attached GoPro camera! All-in-all, drones are here to stay and more and more people around you are busy adding these to their shopping carts. Are you drone-ready yet?

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[Via – Forbes]

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