Why walk to the Starbucks – A robot at Seattle airport could soon pick up and deliver food orders right to your gate

Technology is truly going places! In a massive leap further, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is all set to introduce a new robot, named Gita, after the successful rollout of its OrderSEA mobile ordering system.

The novel robot will allow the delivery of food orders from restaurants at the airport to any point across the concourse after travelers have passed through security. While the majority of orders will still be delivered by humans, it is hoped the robot will be able to deliver more orders in the future.

Commenting on it, Jeff Livney, Chief Experience Officer at Servy’s Grab Airport Marketplace, said, “We are excited to partner with Seattle-Tacoma to enable more people to benefit from our contactless order and pay technology with the launch of OrderSEA. [The platform] offers a safe and convenient touch-free alternative to traditional payment options enabling travelers and airport staff to easily place meal orders from digital devices.”

Remarking similarly, Sam Cho, Port of Seattle commissioner, added: “Technology can make your airport experience more flexible and less stressful. OrderSEA means travelers can skip standing in a crowded line, the least fun and most stressful part of any trip.”

Gita, the robot on wheels, will be able to store up to 40 pounds of food and deliver it around the terminal for a $2.99 fee. It will be accompanied by a human for the time being, however, visitors can expect her to sashay around by herself in the coming future.

As part of its OrderSEA mobile ordering system, travelers can currently order from restaurants like McDonald’s, Trail Head BBQ Bar, and Pizza Vino, with more options to be added in due course. In addition to tis, they can also use the SEA Spot Saver to reserve a time slot for TSA security checkpoints and reserve pre-booked parking with the Sea-Tac service. Well, talk about being futuristic with travel!

[Via: Travel + Leisure]

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