Dubai Police have developed their very own Robocop to patrol residential areas. This self-driving robot uses AI technology, facial recognition, and can even deploy flying drones to fight crime.

Via Twitter / @DubaiPoliceHQ

Dubai Police has revealed a new fully-autonomous robot patrol vehicle which is ready to fight crime with its cutting-edge technology. Unveiled at the GITEX Global 2023 show, the all-electric security patrol has been specifically designed to enhance safety in residential areas. While there is no information on the capacity of the battery pack powering the self-driving vehicle, Dubai Police claims that the battery can last up to 15 hours and can help the vehicle reach a top speed of 7km/h (about 4.3 mph). With the main objective of boosting security coverage in the city, the robot patrol vehicle packs some very impressive technology and features, most of which are fully autonomous.

The robot patrol is equipped with an advanced camera system that can capture 360-degree footage. Additionally, it features advanced AI technology that can automatically detect and analyze criminal behavior, recognize faces, and capture car license plates. Furthermore, the patrol also is fitted with state-of-the-art communication technology that can link up in real-time with the Command and Control Centre at the Police General Operations Department. If that was not all, the robot vehicle has its own detachable flying drones that are capable of doing autonomous surveillance of places that are hard to reach for the vehicle.

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Via Twitter / @DubaiPoliceHQ

At least over the last decade, Dubai Police has been at the forefront of experimenting with new technologies and ideas. In addition to maintaining a massive fleet of exotic patrol cars as part of its public outreach program, the police department has also been open to testing wild ideas like hoverbikes for its patrolling officers. Back in 2017, Dubai Police also showcased a fully autonomous robot cop meant to provide security at malls and similar places. In fact, Dubai Police has previously showcased a pair of autonomous patrol vehicles, which made its debut last year. It’ll be interesting to see if the new robot patrol car can be more than just an experiment.

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