A $80,000 Cognac? Remy Martin opens the worlds first Louis XIII boutique

The cognac leaders at Louis XIII have opened a dedicated boutique for their famous spirits. This will be the first boutique from the label and it promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience as the brand says they plan to offer their customers “a wave of sensations, an emotion, an experience”. The boutique is located in Beijing’s SKP luxury shopping mall. The decision makes sense given that the cosmopolitan city boasts a community of wealthy and luxury-loving individuals.

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“Louis XIII cognac is an icon of French art de vivre and excellence. With this world-premiere, Louis XIII is changing the rules of the game in spirits, posing the founding stone of a new chapter in its history,” said Eric Vallat, CEO of the House of Rémy Martin.
Images reveal a modern and stylish space that’s well equipped to showcase a range of Louis XIII editions. The boutique has been designed by RDAI, a high-end architectural company, and uses design, technology, and lighting to create a store that appeals to all the senses. Details in limestone, copper, oak, glass, and crystal all reference the different parts of the Louis XIII story and the components that go into creating their spirits.

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Customers at the boutique will have opportunities to try tastings, food pairings and they will also have access to special editions and unique Louis XIII products sold exclusively at the Beijing SKP Louis XIII boutique.

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