A French chocolatier has made coronavirus themed edible Easter eggs

It’s one thing to be laughing about the global pandemic and an entirely different matter to find positivity amidst the crisis. And helping you do the latter with a good dose of humor is French chocolatier and pastry chef- Jean-François Pré who recently designed Easter eggs inspired by – yep you guessed it- the coronavirus!

Pré apparently began working on his idea as a joke after he grew tired of hearing about the deadly virus everywhere. However, what started out as fun soon turned into a full-fledged project after he received a few takers for his delicious eggs. To bring the rather exotic sweet wonders to shape, Pré uses a 3D image of the virus and then converts it into a chocolate egg. He then decorated it with pieces of red almonds to ape the virus’s spike protein.

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According to reports, Pré has successfully sold over a dozen of his new creations to customers in western France’s Finistere region. One of the delighted buyers said – “It’s original. It does make a change from the psychosis that we normally hear. It’s good that it’s done – it’s more original than what we hear constantly in our heads,” while another added – “In these times of worry – of depression – or even of psychosis, it is important to calm things down and lead from the front because a smile is often a way to overcome our fears – it’s perhaps the best antidote to fear.”

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The exclusive coronavirus-inspired eggs can be purchased at Jean-François Pré’s shop in Landivisiau on Rue Louis Pasteur in Paris.

[Via: Business Insider]

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