A single bar costs more than 10 iPhone Xs’ take a look at the most expensive chocolate in the world

A tingle for your taste buds, chocolate is man’s most treasured creation. And proving so quite literally is world renowned Portuguese chocolatier, Daniel Gomez that recently created a god fully divine chocolate costing a staggering $9,489! Dubbed as the world’s most expensive chocolate by Guinness book of records, ‘Glorious’, as it is called, is truly a treat for the wealthy!

The delicate beauty comes covered in edible gold and is made from the most precious ingredients in Liera, at Daniel’s Chocolate. It is filled with carefully sourced equatorial black Valrhona chocolate, saffron filaments, Périgord white truffle, white truffle oil, Madagascar vanilla and gold flakes, along with a secret ingredient that Daniel refuses to name. The chocolate was recently displayed at Óbidos,Portugal, under the close scrutiny of security guards. (Talk about treasures!). However, those who missed it on exhibit, can soon purchase it in select countries such as UAE, Russia, Angola and Argentina.

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Limited to only 1000 editions, ‘Glorious’ will come packed up like a true piece of art! Wrapped in a black lacquered wooden base with gold serial number engraving and a crystal cloche, it’s home will be adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals and pearls and a gold ribbon handle. The chocolate will further arrive at its buyer’s home under top notch ‘security and conservation’ measures, as promised by its makers. Well, you may as well savor the experience if your bank is brimming with the bucks!

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