This champagne bottle is designed specifically for you to raise a toast in outerspace – For utmost safety in at 330,000 feet the glass bottle will never shatter and the cork will never pop.

If you make it to space, it’s a landmark worth celebrating! And giving you a chance to do just that is Maison Mumm with the launch of its first champagne bottle that is ideal for space travel. It is christened as the Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar champagne and is perfect, to say the least!

Designed by Octave de Gaulle, the bottle is wrapped in an aeronautical-grade aluminum shell and will be served on privately-owned space exploration company Axiom Space’s flights. Touted as “the first champagne bottle and tasting experience designed for space travel and human spaceflight”, it features several high-tech features.

For instance, it is designed to face space-specific issues including how champagne behaves in the absence of gravity, while still adhering to the regulations set by Champagne AOC. Further, the 375-milliliter glass bottle is secured by a stainless-steel opening and closing device and corked with a traditional “mushroom” cork.

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Commenting on it, De Gaulle in a statement to Dezeen, said, “The safety being paramount in manned space flights, the design has to integrate redundancies to be compliant with the applicable rules. Those rules state that for a pressurized liquid container (such as a champagne bottle), a second protective layer is to be provided in the design in case of failure of the first one.”

“After uncorking, when pressing the button located at the bottom of the bottle, the champagne exits through the neck and gathers in the ring that once held the cork in place. When a sufficient amount of champagne has exited, a small movement of the wrist separates a sphere of Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar champagne from the ring that is then gathered by our specially designed glass and ultimately tasted by the astronauts,” he further added.

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To handle issues around pouring, the bottle comes with a button for serving it. The luxe bottle holds within a blend of Mumm Cordon Rouge and will be served onboard Axiom’s upcoming missions to the Axiom Station. Ready to savor a glass of bubbly in space?

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