Cognac lovers get the chance of a lifetime of tasting at the Hennessey grand tasting room

Fine things come in secret packages. They are hence unique and exclusive, being shielded from the evil eyes of the greedy, lecherous world. But there comes a day when every gatekeeper takes a break, and lets the grand gates to paradise slide open so revelers of the finer things in life may sneak in and engorge what lies beneath. Yes, sheer poetry is needed to describe something as unique as a good bottle of cognac. Hennessey is facing the winds of change. Since 1802 they have been producing the nectar of life for cognac lovers, and now you get the opportunity to upgrade your bucket list. How about a guided tour of the Grand Tasting Room of Hennessey? If you are interested, as any true blood cognac-lover would be, then save your dates for May 20-22.

In Cognac, France, is located an institution that produces cognac. Within its premises is a room where only seven members of a Tasting Committee can enter. Every morning they enter to assess the eau de vie, or spirits in French. One amongst this is Yann Fillioux, the 7th generation of the Master Blenders. Here is the oomph – apparently, each member of this committee, gets to sample between 7,000-8,000 spirits ‘on an annual basis’.

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The tour will (only) be for 25 minutes.


[For bookings head to – LVMH]

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