Spend $20,000 and this Las Vegas club will offer drone bottle service – Video

In the recent few months, there has been an overdose of drone stories with these remote controlled flying machines being used for various purposes ranging from making art to even taking a pooch on a stroll. We even recently saw a Californian resort use drones to send champagne to its guests using the hotel’s VIP suit. Now we have another business from America trying out the technology to get itself some publicity. Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, started a new service on the Memorial Day weekend in which it offers bottle service to its customers using flying drones. The drones are operated by both a pilot and cameraman.

Expectedly, they posted a video of the service on Youtube in which a drone delivers a bottle of champagne right in the middle of a party. The pricing of the service you ask? A whopping $20,000 for the evening. So in case you haven’t blown off the cash in the casinos, you can give it a try, but you’ll have to pre-book for it. This makes us wonder, are drone deliveries really practical. Or is it just an easy way to grab the attention of media across the world and get some easy publicity.

YouTube video

[Via – Mashable]

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