Californian hotel uses drones to send champagne to its guests staying at the $10K-per-night suite

A newly opened resort in picturesque Saualito, California named Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa believes that your perfect romantic getaway should not be disturbed by the presence of a third person. To make the stay more memorable and fun, the resort has started a service in which it delivers champagne via flying drones to its second-story, $10,000-per-night Alexandrite suite. The idea of drone delivery has really picked up in the last few years, and recently we even heard of drones being used to make art, but this is the first instance of a hotel using drones commercially to cater to its guests.

On its Facebook page, Casa Madrona says the drone is available through a “special order” with the sales department. The resort offers a huge range of intimate accommodation options to its guests ranging from deluxe guest rooms to junior suites and the 11-room Casa Madrona Mansion but the drone delivery is available to guests who book the entire Mansion or the 5,000-sq.ft Alexandrite suite which costs $25,000 and $10,000 a night, respectively. Guests can get their choice of champagne drone delivered from the hotel by uber-cool, remote-controlled, octo-copter drones to the two-tiered deck of the Mansion. The resort even uploaded a video on the YouTube showing the drone in action.

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